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به صفحات انترنتي اشعار زمري امين خوش آمديد

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Niaayesh Mother Tazwir Watan Baidardi Dard Dobaitee Firaaq Ghezaal Ghurbat Gulgoona Intezaar Keshti Negaah Nehaal Tanhayi Taraaj Toofaan Sahar Dil Shorida


Welcome to my website. In this website I have posted some of poems from my book- Gulbargha ".

I hope you enjoy your stay here.

اميدوارم كه شعرگونه هاي بنده مورد پسند و علاقه شما عزيزان قرارگيرد و با ارسال نظرياتتان مرا ممنون سازيد

I would appreciate any comments and suggestions regarding my poetry and this website.

The miniature (Minator) images used in this website belong to the Iranian legendary artist Mahmaood Farshchian

The Website is designed by Ahmad K Amin.

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